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Announcements DescriptionDate
List of eligible securities for December 2023 29-Nov-2023
Change in Registered Office Address of the Company 22-Nov-2023
Circular - Modification in eligible issuer 20-Nov-2023
Modification of Eligible ISIN For November 2023 20-Nov-2023
Settlement Calendar December 2023 15-Nov-2023
Additional Eligible ISIN For November 2023 08-Nov-2023
Revision in Eligibility Criteria for Participant 01-Nov-2023
Eligible ISIN For November 2023 27-Oct-2023
Submission of Half Yearly Internal Audit Report by Clearing Members 25-Oct-2023
Ease of doing business and development of corporate bond markets 23-Oct-2023
Settlement Calander November 2023 16-Oct-2023
Submission of half yearly Networth Certificate 09-Oct-2023
Additional Eligible ISIN For October 2023 05-Oct-2023
Circular_List of eligible issuer 29-Sep-2023
Eligible ISIN For October 2023 29-Sep-2023
Change in Settlement Calander September 2023 28-Sep-2023
Change in settlement holiday 28-Sep-2023
Change in settlement Calander September 2023 27-Sep-2023
Change in settlement holiday 27-Sep-2023
Settlement Calander October 2023 18-Sep-2023
Circular- Issuer Contribution Toward Core SGF 04-Sep-2023
Eligible ISIN For September 29-Aug-2023
Settlement Calendar September 2023 11-Aug-2023
Circular - Issuer Contribution Toward Core SGF 07-Aug-2023
Participation of Direct Client on Tri-Party Repo Product 26-Jul-2023
Master Circular_Tri Party Repo 21-Jul-2023
Settlement Calendar August 2023 21-Jul-2023
Settlement Calendar July 2023 21-Jul-2023
Change in settlement holiday 27-Jun-2023
Master Circular 16-Jun-2023
Circular-Issuer Contribution Towards Core SGF 05-Jun-2023
Circular-Issuer Contribution Toward Core SGF 26-Apr-2023
Dispute Resolution Mechanism for Limited Purpose Clearing Corporation(LPCC) 17-Apr-2023
Policy for Winding Down of Critical Operations and Services of a Clearing Corporation 15-Mar-2023
Consolidated Circular 03-Mar-2023
Holidays_2023 22-Dec-2022
Member Report Structure 21-Dec-2022
Investor Grievance Redressal 11-Jan-2022